Government and institutions agree on administrative reform, pensions for widows and debt settlement scheme

The Greek government and the institutions agreed on Thursday on the issues of administrative reform, pensions for widows, the out-of-court settlement of debts, a government official said, adding that fiscal issues will be discussed on Friday.

According to the official, there was no agreement on welfare benefits, where the two sides are debating the size of the amount that will be paid out and whether it will be distributed to more people. Asked whether the necessary funds for the benefits exist, the official said “we believe we will find it.”

Concerning the out-of court settlement, the two sides agreed it will include individuals/businesses with debts between 20,000-50,000 euros and the details on the criteria for inclusion will be finalized shortly.

The government team and the institutions will resume their meetings at 08:00 on Friday to discuss product markets.

At 09:00, the two sides will discuss fiscal issues and review the results of the first visit of the mission chiefs in Athens, as part of the third review. The officials will then leave Greece and return at the end of November to complete the review, according to sources.

Source ANA-MPA
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