Elisavet Aroni: The Greek muse of Louboutin

Elisavet Aroni is a Greek- German model who has become Christian Louboutin muse. Last autumn she took part in ‘The golden age’ and the ‘Shoe Peaks clutch’ campaigns of the famous fashion house of Christian Louboutin.

Elisavet Aroni was born in Germany in 1992 from a Greek father and a German mother. ‘When my parents got divorced, I was in High School. I decided to follow my dad in Ierapetra, Greece. I did not speak any Greek at all, and at first it was really difficult, so I went to a special school. However, these years in Crete were the most beautiful years in my life.’

A few years ago, she decided to visit her mother in Berlin for the Christmas holidays. This visit changed her whole life. ‘I wanted to study hairdressing and makeup, which I did. One day my aunt, who is a fashion designer in Germany, took me at a photo shooting to see the backstage work. The photographers there encouraged me to build portfolio and to start working in modelling. However I had to return to Greece for the national school exams.’
She finally decided to study in Berlin, while simultaneously she does not forget the ‘experts’ advice.’ I always liked fashion. Both my grandmothers are seamstresses, so I grew up in fabrics, threads and patterns. As a child I had unique clothes that no other child had.’ Moreover she stated ‘I had no difficulty in finding any job. You will not believe why. Many believe that this gap teeth I have, is awesome. And I always felt weird about that and wanted to fix it, however, this is what made me distinguish, like Georgia May Jagger and Lily-Rose Depp.’

Later on, the beautiful girl talked about how she was selected for both campaign of the famous fashion house of Christian Louboutin. ‘ The casting for the campaign took place via Internet, because the house is in Paris and I’m in Berlin. I knew they were looking for girls for the two campaigns, we sent some pictures and finally I was chosen. However, I did not know that I had chosen for both campaigns, until I finished the first shooting. Imagine how much I enjoyed it. Although the Christian Louboutin himself did not attend, the shooting experience was amazing.’
Elisavet Aroni also noted what she likes the most in this job. ‘Every single day I’m another person, with different hair and different styles. I find that modelling is very similar to acting, which is also my dream to become an actor, as well.’

When she was asked if she wants to move to America, she replied ‘I love Europe, Berlin and Greece. I would not like to go to America. I would like to work here. That’s why I chose Berlin as my base and I speak German perfectly, as well.’ However she says that the Greek origin has helped her a lot in her job ‘Germans really love Greece and its islands, especially Crete. They get amazed when I tell them, that I am coming from Crete.’ I really miss Greece and I am so happy that I will work for the first time in Greece too, with my agency ACE Models.’

When she was asked about the diet she is following, in order to keep in shape she said ‘I never had to worry about my weight. I have the same body type as my mother, who is tall and thin. It’s sad how many girls are so thin in modelling. You understand immediately that they do not eat properly, in order to maintain the ideal weight. They have a constant anxiety about it. I always eat healthy and exercise. Even within my hotel room. I do jogging, yoga and every morning I drink green tea’

Finally, when she was questioned who are the model she admires, she said that Karlie Kloss and Toni Garn are her favourites, not only for their career but also for their character, as well.


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