Two million dollars grant for Greek Language by Australian Government

With two million dollars grant, the Australian Government will subsidise the Australian Center for Greek Language and Culture “Logos”, which is headquartered at Flinders University in Adelaide.

This announcement was made by the Treasurer of South Australia, Tom Koutsantonis, at a special event held at the city centre.

“Unlike other ethnicities, we Greeks have not lost our identity in any region of Australia we live in, and I think that finally, the time has come to reward all Greek – Australians, especially the elderly for what they have accomplished regardless the difficulties, by passing on to our children and grandchildren our Greek conscious ” said Mr Koutsantonis who, on the occasion of the deposit of the state budget, officially announced the granting of the aforementioned amount to the “Logos” Center.

“Frankly, I did not expect the state government to provide us with the current granted amount and I feel great emotion and gratitude that our language will not be extinguished over time,” said the director of the Center “Logos”, Professor Michael Tsianikas.

The Foundation for Hellenic Studies administrator and businessman Theofanis Maras, who thanked the state treasurer personally, also appeared to be excited, noting that this move from the government will remain in history as the greatest act of continuation of Hellenism for future generations of Greek – Australians.

It is noteworthy that the “Logos” Center was set up in early 2012, after financial support ($ 600,000) for four yours from South Australian Government at that time. Also, until then, no government other than the Greek one had invested such amounts for the Greek language at the time of Greek-language education abroad.

“Tonight the flame of Hellenism shines and I feel that although we were born abroad, we were, we are and will always be Greeks The state government honours and recognises with this movement, the first and second generation of Greek immigrants, “Mr Theofanis Maras told the New World after the event.

“I’m proud to be Greek. We all have to be proud to be Greeks. With this act, Hellenism and our language will live forever, “he concluded.

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