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Greek chocolate artist appears in New York Times

A Greek chocolate artist living in Brooklyn, New York drew the attention of New York Times that recently published an article on his remarkable chocolate creations and other activities.

Uncertain future for Modern Greek Studies at La Trobe

The only complete university-level degree program of Modern Greek Studies left in Victoria, at La Trobe University, is at risk of closing down, as a result of Dr Maria Herodotou’s forthcoming retirement.

Dr Peter Stavrianidis coaches Rutgers students

The Greek American Dr Peter Stavrianidis, Ph.D., offered his insights into entrepreneurship and self-marketing to students at Rutgers University on December 6, focusing on the skills that are essential for an effective communicator and a…

Greek American police officer averts bombing attack

Greek American police officer John Pappas of the K-9 unit in New York was one of a team of law enforcement officials who captured a bomber planning to wreak havoc in the subway near Times Square on Monday 11th December.

Rebetiko’s heritage acknowledged by UNESCO

Rebetiko, a popular Greek musical idiom which developed and thrived in the early and mid-20th century has been included on UNESCO’s 2017 Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.