Anastasiades suggests input from experts on notions of federation and confederation

President Nicos Anastasiades on Tuesday said he had suggested a workshop be held where experts could discuss various parameters relating to the Cyprus problem, such as the notions of federation and confederation.

He said such a workshop with the participation of experts be held in the coming weeks as it would be constructive.

Given the discussion that emerged following the President’s recent suggestion of the “loose federation”framework as a viable solution, but also of the various other political configurations that have been proposed throughout the history of negotiations, Anastasiades said that such a workshop would benefit ongoing efforts.

In his address at the opening of a conference held between the parliaments of Greece and Cyprus on the topic of ‘Presidential democracy versus parliamentary democracy’, Anastasiades said that the conference should take place in the coming weeks.

He suggested that it would be constructive to hear expert views on the issues of the decentralisation of power, on ways of strengthening a federation, on the sustainability of a solution to the Cyprus problem, as well as an analysis of the various frameworks or systems of power that have been proposed over the past 44 years as solutions.

“I believe that this would be a good opportunity to hear views from a scientific perspective from those who study and develop knowledge on the subjects and who are not bound by political interests which often dictate a certain disregard from us politicians with regards to the legal sciences or to systems operating elsewhere,” Anastasiades said.

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