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The original kilogram ‘Le Grand K’ may soon be retired

The time has come for another historic retirement. The 'original' kilo', a cylinder made of an alloy of platinum and iridium that for the last 130 years has been the International Prototype for measuring weight and mass may soon be put out to grass.

FYROM referendum: 91.03 pct voted ‘YES’

After the conclusion of the referendum in FYROM, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev called on the deputies of VMRO-DPMNE to respect the people's decision otherwise the country will go to elections.

Merkel: Talks with Greece on refugees have advanced

Talks between Berlin and Athens on a deal for refugees are fairly advanced, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, highlighting that an agreement with Italy still has some time yet

FYROM sets September 30 date for referendum

Lawmakers in FYROM voted on Monday to hold a referendum on the name deal with Greece on September 30. As reported by Reuters, 68 deputies in the 120-seat parliament voted in favour of holding a referendum, asking people whether they are in…