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Greece in the Mediterranean Panorama

One of the largest and most dynamic exhibition, Mediterranean Panorama will be held by North Events on March 17-19 2017, in Stockholm,

Greek Olive Oil to Boost Tourism

Greece’s landscape and the lives of Greeks are inextricably linked with the olive tree. This relationship may be lost in the distance of time, but this blessed tree and its products do not enjoy enough attention and promotion. Olive oil…

British Airways to Add Direct Flights to Skiathos this Summer

British Airways (BA) announced the introduction of direct flights from London City Airport to the Greek island of Skiathos from this summer. This is the third direct flight to Greece from London City Airport offered by BA, which also…

The Greek “Vespisti” march out, from Greece to St Tropez

They are fans of  the Vespa, the Italian scooter, and they are known as “Vespisti”. They travel everywhere from Greece to Saint Tropez.  A total of 50 people recently travelled  on their Vespas to Saint Tropez – a trip that took them…