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Stolen electricity at 3.2 pct of total consumption in 2016

Stolen electricity power soared to 3.2 pct of total electricity consumption in 2016 from 0.5 pct in the 2000-2010 period, or 1,640 GWh, Greece's Energy Regulatory Authority said, announcing intensified controls to combat thise phenomenon…

3 Habits that make you miserable

If you use to have one or more of the below habits in your daily life, then you should definitely try to change them. you will soon realize that they...

Why do we get shorter at night?

Did you know that as the day goes b, all of us get a little shorter ? If you did not, here is the explanation of this weird phenomenon.

5 foods to help you look younger

Everyone wants to look younger. However, did you know that our diet plays a significant role in how we look? Here are 5 foods that can make you...