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National Technical University of Athens celebrates 180-year anniversary

The National Metsovio Polytechnic celebrates this year its 180-year anniversary. A series of events including thematic units in the schools of the Polytechnic and the long history of the institution have been scheduled to take place in early July, September and November while the main event will be held on December 12

Summer Nostos Festival at SNF

The Summer Nostos Festival proposes a homecoming (nostos), a collective “return” to all those things and ideas that the arrival of summer means for each one of us, with an entire week of free events for all, that will take place between…

Athens Digital Arts Festival to be held on May 18-21 this year

The 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) will take place in the city centre on May 18-21 this year, in a building of unusual architectural interest provided by NBG PANGAEA Real Estate Investment Company, a subsidiary of the National…