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Benaki Museum launches ‘One Minute Athens’ video competition

The Benaki Museum's Modern Greek Architecture Archives on Wednesday started accepting submissions for its 'One Minute Athens' video competition, inviting Athenians (and not only them) to enter their "one-minute slice" of the Greek capital, taken on their mobile phone, to the open international competition.

Acropolis Museum celebrates ninth ‘birthday’

The Acropolis Museum has received more than 1.66 million visitors over the past year, with a sharp rise in the number of foreigners visiting its collections, the museum's curator Prof. Dimitris Pandermalis said in statements on Wednesday,…

Palace of Philip II at Aigai open to public

The great palace complex of Aigai, built in the fourth century BC by the King of Macedonia Philip II (Alexander the Great's father), opened its doors to the public with a free tour by excavator and archaeologist Angeliki Kottaridi on…