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Business set-ups significantly exceed closures in 2018, report

"After eight difficult years, the worst for the Greek economy seems to have been left behind, a fact attested by the data released by the General Electronic Commercial Registry (GΕΜH) which showed an explosive growth in the set-up and operation of enterprises in the country, while business closures fell significantly in 2018," Constantinos Mihalos,…

Road tax deadline extended to January 11

Road tax may be paid by Friday, January 11, the Finance Ministry said, extending the deadline. According to a Ministry announcement, the extension was provided to facilitate car owners during the holiday season.

Primary surplus fed by allowance cuts

The government failed to pay out the social solidarity income, hospital doctors and nurses’ extra shift payments, as well as other allowances, so that it will have the necessary liquidity to distribute the so-called social dividend and…

Euro currency remains a work in progress on 20th birthday

The euro is about to celebrate its 20th birthday, but the countries that use it are still wrestling with how the shared currency should work and how to fix flaws exposed by the debt crisis that marred its second decade.

The year 2018 a turning point, challenges ahead in 2019

The year 2018 was a turning point for the Greek economy, as the third adjustment programme accompanied by concrete measures to reduce the country's financing needs over the next decade was successfully completed, according to Alpha Bank's…

Hotel sector contributes to Greek economy, BoG report finds

The Greek hotel sector in the 2010-2017 period contributed to Greece’s economy both in terms of employment and Gross Value Added (GVA), the Bank of Greece (BoG) said in its Interim Report on Monetary Policy 2018 that was released recently.