Tips for a shiny smile

Do you want a beautiful and white smile? If you do, check out the following clever tips before making a teeth whitening appointment to your dentist.

Five foods cardiologists never eat

Cardiologists see daily what an unhealthy diet causes to their patients. For better heart health, experts generally recommend choosing products from all food groups, with particular emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains,…

Five myths about cellulite

Perhaps some myths that exist about cellulite blur your judgment about what causes it and how you can deal with it. See below which are the 5 most frequent myths to get the smooth and beautiful skin you are dreaming of.

Common symptoms of a stroke

A stroke occurs when there is bleeding in the brain or when the normal blood flow to the brain is blocked. The stroke is a real emergency. The sooner the patient receives the planned treatment, the more likely it is that the damage can be…

Two signs that your colleagues do not like you

Your colleagues or your boss show that they dislike you? If you answer yes, then you definitely do something wrong and become unpleasant. You may not realize it, but there is a habit that, according to a recent survey, is more embarrassing…