Timeless crimes

People were lost in the yards of their own houses due to a torrential downpour; private properties were lost in rivers of mud. The fruits of a lifetime were swept away by torrents of irresponsibility.

The battle for middle class

They are battling each other over the middle class. The government and the main opposition partyare in an all-out conflict over who cares the most about the middle class, the real bourgeoisie, SYRIZA ...

New Democracy’s social policy

The first pre-conference focused on unemployment, the second on education, the third on social solidarity as a means of tackling extreme poverty, spear-headed by health and social services.

Divide and conquer

The phrase "divide and conquer" belongs to the Italian thinker Niccolo Machiavelli, from his work “The Prince”. In political history, this phrase is used to describe a well-known tactic for achieving multiple goals, mainly to weaken one’s…